7-stage purification system removes dust, smoke and other harmful impurities present in the air in your home. At the same time, its double UV filtration system replenishes your home with pure, bacteria-free air.

Features: Specifications:

Advanced 6 stage filtration Process,

Active 10X Pre-filter purifies the air from dust, dirt and pet dander. It increases life of remaining filters by trapping large particles. It thus ensures that the air you breathe has no positive ions.

HEPA Filter, double UV filter, titanium dioxide filter and Electrostatic filters that use an electrostatic charge to attract pollutants and trap them

In built humidifier that controls the indoor humidity.

Anion generator: Negative ions are basically negatively charged particles. Jainam Air Purifier circulates trillions of negative ions to neutralize floating pollutants throughout the room. Negative ions help increase the blood holding capacity in the body, body metabolism, respiratory system, making the environment more favourable.

Anti-allergen, anti-bacterial Active Shield technology and Detoxification filtration process that ensures 99.5 % pure and healthy air.

Designed with a significant Nano scale technology, the Active HEPA filter removes airborne pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size with a greater efficiency of 99.5 %. The filter being the most able component with its Nano-fiber structure can eliminate ultra-fine particles like bacteria, pollen, and mold, which cannot be done by other air purifiers.

high purification in a quicker time span when compared to the other air purifiers.

Filter life indicator that keeps a watch on the filter usage and replacement.

The smart sensor technology automatically chooses the right setting based on the level of pollution and room space.

The high absorption BreathSafe filter has anti-bacterial threads that are coated onto to them that reduce 99.97% bacteria, removes odor and various toxic gases, to ensure pure, bacteria-free air to breathe, in the comfort of your home.

Real-time in-built air quality display

Warranty: The goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of Installation.

A single air purifier will not clean the air in your entire house. Therefore, use mask for complete protection at office, traffic & home. Jainam Mask also uses same technology & raw materials. You can Identify those rooms where you spend most of your time and install an air purifier for those rooms. For example, the air quality in your bedroom is extremely important since you spend a considerable amount of time there.

Specifications: {To be filled later}

Air pollution:

Air Pollution is a mixture of many different gases and particles from man-made sources that include vehicle exhaust, smoke, road dust, and industrial emissions, as well as pollen.

Both short-term and long-term exposure to air pollutants can cause a variety of health problems. For people with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD - also known as emphysema or chronic bronchitis), air pollution can make it harder to breathe, trigger asthma attacks, or cause wheezing and coughing. Poor air quality is a cause of reduced lung capacity, headaches, sore throats, coughs, fatigue, lung cancer, and early death. In addition, research shows that pollution can lower children's immune system and increase the risks of cancer, epilepsy, diabetes and even adult-onset diseases like multiple sclerosis and more severely affects people who are already ill.

We breathe more than 10,000 liters of air every day. Today we need to protect ourselves and our children's health from air pollution.

But air not only keeps us alive - it also transports a variety of particles that can be harmful to our health. Have you ever had an allergic reaction to pollen in the air? Infected yourself during flu season? You live in a large city, smelling traffic fumes every day. Just like food or water, the quality of the air we breathe daily affects our health and well-being. In our ever more crowded environment, air quality has constantly decreased.

The IARC and WHO designate airborne particulates a Group 1 carcinogen. {Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Particulates}. Particulates are the deadliest form of air pollution due to their ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and blood streams unfiltered, causing permanent DNA mutations, heart attacks, respiratory disease, and premature death.

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In 2013, a study involving 312,944 people in nine European countries revealed that there was no safe level of particulates and that for every increase of 10 μg/m3 in PM10, the lung cancer rate rose 22%. The smaller PM2.5 were particularly deadly, with a 36% increase in lung cancer per 10 μg/m3 as it can penetrate deeper into the lungs. Worldwide exposure to PM2.5 contributed to 4.1 million deaths from heart disease and stroke, lung cancer, chronic lung disease, and respiratory infections in 2016. Overall, ambient particulate matter ranks as the sixth leading risk factor for premature death globally.}

Healthy lungs & kidney damaged by pollution cannot be regained as it is an irreversible damage done. Jainam Air Purifier & Mask protects your loved ones.

This is why we created Jainam Air Purifier & Respiratory Protection Mask which can protect you from PM 10, PM 2.5, Bacteria, Virus, Moulds, Pollen and other Toxic gases. Jainam Air Purifier is of superior quality & is built on the vision to create a world where everyone can breathe clean and healthy air. We believe that people who want to breathe healthy, should have a reliable and fashionable way to do so.

Air pollution is a large health problem. We tried and tested every design possible from scratch, until we could find and the best results. We combined the best technology available to achieve an unrivalled protection of our product. We are confident to deliver a high-quality product that meets the high expectations of our customers worldwide.


Comfortable: Mask should be easy to wear and breathe in. Valve, Fan, Size and Adjustable features guarantee perfect fit for you.

Fit: A Mask needs to fit well to be reliable. We have sizes that fit all types of faces, both adults and children.

Beautiful – With fashionable design that makes you want to wear it. Jainam Mask look better with expressive colours with beautiful patterns & pass efficiency tests as well.

Should give complete protection through high-tech filters. Our innovative in-house technology protects, no matter what.

Reusable - Thanks to quick and easy filter replacement, the cost in long term is 6 times less. We decided to make Jainam Mask more sustainable, durable, good 4r your wallet & the environment. The filter of Jainam Mask can be replaced and lasts, depending on the air quality, for couple of months. The rest of Jainam Mask can be washed and used for years. There are multiple filter layers. A Pre-filter, will catch large particles (like dust & pet dander) and will further increase the life of the HEPA filter.

Superior Technology: Jainam is a brand which has a passionate team that values technology, quality and well-designed products. We take the task of manufacturing health products very seriously as we never compromise with technology. We know you deserve the best. We took very minute details into consideration. For example: Valve reduces respiratory resistance by 1/4 times. The position of the exhalation valve is parallel to the direction of exhalation, avoiding inhalation of exhaled gas and breathing more smoothly. Suitable for customers in harsher environments and pursuit of comfort.

Jainam Mask is resistant to non-oil splashes and has a filtration efficiency up to 99.5 % which is higher than N95 mask. The advanced rubber material is made of silk skating technology, and is comfortable to fit with the face. It is more suitable for wearing in the harsh environment for a long time.


We tested Jainam Mask with industry-standard equipment and procedures. The results of our tests speak for themselves: Jainam Mask protects up to 6 times better than other products in the market for civilian use.

Our filters leave only clean air behind. We are one of the largest specialized Mask producers to bring a high-quality product to market. Our filters comply with the N99 standard and protect with up to 99.5 % efficiency against viruses, bacteria, allergens and smog. Your lungs will thank you later 4r the reward!

Purification Modules:

Active shield Filter, Anti-Dust Filter, Anti Allergen Filter, Active 10 X Pre-Filter, Active Oxidation Cell, Active Nano Cell, Respiration Safe Filter, Active Carbon Filter, Swiss HEPA Filter. It has intelligent sensors, super suction power that assure you of utmost pure and healthy air.

Jainam Mask are Tested and certified to NIOSH N95 Category having a convex shape, with nose clip and twin strap design. Jainam Mask has durable, collapse-resistant inner shell with reliable, effective protection against fine particles due to Advanced Electric Filter Material that filters particle sizes ranging from 0.1 to 5 μm for consistent high-quality performance. {Read more… They produce an electrostatic field due to permanent electric charge or dipole polarization. They have large dust holding capacity, high filtration efficiency, good chemical resistance, can absorb dust particles by electrostatic force, which prolong the service life. Besides, it has sterilization and bacteriostatic function at the same time, showing unique advantage in the field of medical and health, biological and pharmaceutical industry.}

When to replace filters:

Filters become clogged with particles when you use them. The filters will be harder to breathe through, but their protection does not decrease. If you feel too much resistance in the air, change the filter.

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