We are committed for adopting latest technology for long lasting vision.

Experience Jainam lenses for the clearest vision possible. Jainam lenses are fashion forward and practical. They provide you with the optimum vision solution for indoors and out. Experience the Outdoors Like Never Before. Jainam Lenses gives you the best protection and comfort outdoors.

Did you know that eye diseases do not always have symptoms?  Early detection and treatment could prevent vision loss. That’s why we developed JAINAM LENSES for longevity of your vision. Jainam Premium Lenses protect your eyes, prolong ageing and helps in recovery of damage already done by artificial light.

Lens types vary according to the vision problems. Each wearer has individual visual needs that can be answered by a combination of lens types, materials and coatings.

Nano Pore Technology to Filter High Energy Light > Every Molecule Prevents High Energy Blue & UV Light > Honey Comb Technology to Filter Harmful Light > High Index Lens >

Jainam eyeglasses don’t just help you see better, they help you feel comfortable and focus on what matters to you. Our lenses are a technological advancement designed for how you view all your modern digital devices like computer, TV and smartphone. Jainam Premium glasses are designed to relax and protect your eyes in multiple ways. You no longer need to suffer the inconvenience, embarrassment or dangers of harmful high energy light. It’s this combination of ground-breaking vision solutions that keep your eyes relaxed and protected.

Everyone deserves the most comfortable vision possible. That’s why Jainam is available for everyone – whether you have a prescription or not – to keep you going from morning to night and get the most of your screen life. Light is not focused on retina by ordinary lenses which can cause blurred vision, headaches and eyestrain. It's a common problem that is easily manageable with Jainam Premium glasses.

Jainam has produced many products. Notably, they produce 3 series of eye glasses with different features & uses. All of them protect from harmful UV, Blue & High energy light. They also offer wearables.

SPF Series: With UV & Blue Light Protection, Jainam black & brown shade googles can be worn as sun glasses. That’s why we call it SPF (Style, Protection & Fashion). You can wear SPF glasses & Star Walker Series glasses for 24 X 7 protection. SPF Series are available in different stylish frames.

Long-term disrupted sleep patterns can lead to neurotoxin build up that makes it even harder for you to get good sleep. Blue light from your computer and phone disrupts melatonin production and, therefore, negatively affects deep restorative sleep. Jainam glasses help you to perform your best by keeping you out of the vicious cycle of midday burnout.




Star Walker: It is safest to have transparent & clear glasses that provide 100% UV protection, or UV 400 protection for indoor use. That means that the glasses protect eyes from both UVA and UVB radiation including blue light. Anti-reflective coating (also called "AR coating" or "anti-glare coating") improves vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyeglasses look more attractive. These benefits are due to the ability of AR coating to virtually eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of your eyeglass lenses. Jainam lenses have coating on both sides of the lens for a clear view.

Jainam Premium computer eye wear defends eyes against short and long-term effects of digital eyestrain. Jainam glasses offer this level of protection on all models.

Galaxy Series: Apart from above mentioned features of SPF & Star Walker series, Jainam amber glasses are suitable for indoor & out door both. These lenses have a healing effect. Your eyes will recover from recent damage.

There are multiple layers of coatings on lenses. An ophthalmic lens can have up to 25 layers of coatings or tints to make it more resistant to scratches, smudging, fogging up or to protect the eyes. Galaxy series are the point where utility & comfort converge, providing essential light management, visibility and protection with an eye on wear-ability.

Jainam glasses block blue light from your digital screens and prevent digital eye strain. Jainam glasses protect you from exposure to harmful light that can lead to retinal damage, cataracts, digital eye strain, and age-related macular degeneration. With Jainam glasses you get to sleep well and perform your best the next day, all day.

Filter system employs the same technology used for laser protective eye wear, relieving glare by absorbing the short wavelengths of the visible spectrum that can scatter within the ocular media. Unlike polarization which limits glare caused by 'scatter' by reducing only specifically oriented light waves, Jainam Galaxy Series glasses filter & prevent greater than 95 % of all glare-causing high-energy short wavelengths from reaching the eye. Not only is this absorption of energy the most effective way to reduce glare, it also has the effect of enhancing contrast by highlighting visual distinction.

Astronaut Series: Suitable for professionals who spend 5 hours or more in front of screen. For both indoor & out door use. Combined with benefits of Star Walker & Galaxy series dual lens eye wear is for those individuals who have severe photophobia. People with photophobia may feel eye pain/discomfort from even moderate levels of artificial light and avert their eyes from artificial light sources. These lenses are designed to cut off all harmful light energy. If you wear it all the time; These lenses will have positive effect on retinal cells. Our innovative Nano Pore Technology will protect your eyes by allowing only narrow spectrum of useful light with lower energy to reach retina. With many layers of coating, Jainam Premium Lens absorbs, reflects, blocks and converts selective high energy frequency. We call it zero-day protection OR vision for ever. Jainam lenses are the only lenses which generates maximum healing effect and prevents photochemical damage across the retina and macula that causes oxidative stress on the eyes.

Jainam glasses block blue light and all other harmful light from sun & digital screen and prevent digital eye strain. Our patented lens design helps prevent eye exhaustion & headache issues caused by photophobia. Jainam Lenses Block + Convert day light into very low energy soothing light to prevent unnecessary stress on the eyes and mind, allowing you to perform at your best. Jainam Lens helps you get the rest you need, and prevents long-term disrupted melatonin and sleep related issues.

Cosmic Series: Jainam manufactures visors for astronauts. We use 1-2 molecule thin gold layer in the manufacturing process. Because gold has excellent ability to reflect infrared light while letting in visible light, astronauts’ visors also have a thin layer of gold on them to protect their eyes from unfiltered cosmic light. These lenses are designed for astronauts but not useful for general public.

The molecules in our lenses are arranged in honey comb pattern with Nano Pores to transmit only low energy light. High energy light hits the walls of honey comb pattern and thus are absorbed. Low energy light passes through the Nano pores. Imagine a bee entering inside its hive while moths cannot. In addition to this multiple coating are applied on both sides.

Gold reflects infrared radiation (above roughly .7 µm) which is a major part of keeping tech-heating rays out. When coupled with an ultra-violet filter like poly carbonate & Nano pore technology, this makes a shield for infra-red, ultra-violet radiation and high energy particles (alpha, beta & gamma rays) while letting a good amount of visible light through to the astronaut.